Places Where Roller Shutters Can Be Used

Roller shutters are an adaptable piece of a security and this means that they can be used in A wide range of different applications. In fact, from industrial warehouse security to the safety of residential homes, there is very little that a roller shutter cannot do. Here at ABC Industrial, we recognise the benefits of a roller shutter investment and that is why we want to tell our readers how versatile they are. Read on as we go over three popular places where roller shutters can be used…


Due to their industrial reputation, it is perhaps unsurprising to hear that roller shutters are a common security addition to warehouses and factories. After all, businesses that operate in and out of these buildings tend to deal with large amounts of expensive stock and roller shutters are the perfect deterrent to keep law breakers or vandals at bay.


Since advertising is essential for businesses, many use window displays to their advantage. With this said, the glass can be smashed very easily after the owners close up shop for the night, so it is important that businesses, such as chain supermarkets, use roller shutters to their advantage. After all, they can be automated which means that the shutter for every window can be lifted or lowered at the same time for ease of operation.

Residential Homes

Despite looking like an industrial eyesore, roller shutters are actually becoming a common security solution for residential property owners who are worried about intruders. After all, they can come in a variety of different colours and styles which means that homeowners don’t have to sacrifice their security in place of aesthetics. Plus, roller shutters are also made from some of the strongest materials on the market which makes them a brilliant deterrent for all property types. Here at ABC industrial, we believe that security is not something that should be sacrificed in place of aesthetics. After all, roller shutters are no longer the eyesore they have the reputation for being which means that every property owner can rest with complete and utter peace of mind that their property is protected. To find out more information about how roller shutters can benefit your property, get in contact with a member of the ABC team today!

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