Perforated Roller Shutters vs Traditional Roller Shutters

Many people are surprised to find out how versatile the roller shutter industry is. With this said, every customer would have to settle for the same product without such a variety of choices! Here at ABC Industrial, we know that the requirements and preferences of every client are different, which why we stock different roller shutters that we hope will appeal to everyone. Read on as we go through a few differences between perforated roller shutters and traditional roller shutters…


The most common reason that people invest in a roller shutter is down to security. After all, covering your property or business with reinforced steel or aluminium is not only a great deterrent, it can help keep out criminals who are willing to try their luck. Interestingly, a perforated roller shutter behaves just like a traditional roller shutter in terms of security and durability from damage which means that either option will help keep your business secure.


Roller shutters promote security by hiding the interior of your property from view overnight. After all, criminals tend to strike under the cover of darkness. A traditional roller shutter is opaque which means that you can’t see into a store or property when they are shut. On the other hand, a perforated roller shutter has small gaps in them which allow visibility. In fact, they are often used by store owners who want to showcase a display overnight without compromising their security. Although, many say that this design actually makes a business more vulnerable to break-ins because their merchandise is on show.


It is no surprise that roller shutters have a bad reputation when it comes to high street aesthetics. After all, how could metal sheeting be attractive? As a result of this, many businesses choose to opt for perforated roller shutters because they offer a more aesthetic visual. There is also the option to invest in traditional roller shutter art, which uses spray paint in order to create an aesthetically pleasing piece of artwork that is only revealed when you close your roller shutter. In fact, many businesses use this for advertising purposes too. Here at ABC Industrial, we are known for our range of high-quality roller shutters that are bursting with versatility. From automatic and manual to insulated and fire resistant; it is safe to say that the shutter industry is going strong. Whilst we don’t stock perforated roller shutters ourselves, we recognise that they can benefit many businesses. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the ABC team today!

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