Maximising Your Security With Roller Shutters

Maximising Your Security With Roller Shutters

Sometimes we hear from people that are hesitant about making a roller shutter purchase because they are worried there won’t be many security benefits to enjoy. Here at ABC Industrial, we like to think that we are the experts when it comes to the industrial world. Read on to find out once and for all how the installation of high quality roller shutters can maximise your security…


Strength is a very important quality for roller shutters as they must be able to withstand the wrath of mother nature. After all, they remain outside all year round and are susceptible to everything from soaring temperatures to 70mph winds! Due to this, all of our roller shutters are created with durability in mind in order to ensure that they stand the test of time.


The design of roller shutters really works to their advantage as it means that they take up very little space when they have been opened as the slats are rolled into a neat little box at the top. In fact, the physics of roller shutters is quite interesting too as any force impacted onto these slats when the shutter is closed spreads out evenly in an attempt to minimise the damage that is caused. This is often handy during break-ins as it makes the shutters almost impossible to penetrate.


Criminals look for an easy target when they want to commit a crime which is why we often find that roller shutters act like a deterrent to robbery and vandalism. After all, roller shutters are incredibly strong which makes them difficult to break through in comparison to a simple glass window and it can also attract a lot of attention to the law breaker to even attempt to vandalise a building armed with roller shutters. Due to this, criminals are more likely to look for an easier target.

When it comes to security, the team here at ABC industrial take no chances. After all, our customers invest in roller shutters and industrial doors in order to keep their properties safe and businesses protected! If you have any more roller shutters related questions or queries, get in contact with a member of the ABC team today!

Posted: 03-05-2018