Depending on the height and width you are looking for when it comes to shutters, you tend to be able to choose whether you would like to have a manually operated system or an electrically operated system- however once they pass a certain size, they must be electronically operated. With this, you will have to use either a touch keypad, finger reader or digital code in order to open them for security reasons.

Here at ABC Shutters, we know the difficulties that come with deciding whether you would like to opt for manual or electric shutters which is why we have done all the hard work for you…


  • A manual roller shutter is able to be altered in order to adapt to the convenience and security requirements necessary. They can be the perfect shutter for domestic use and tend to be best suited for office environments.
  • It is often to see a manual shutter on the front of a shop window where there is only one needed to be opened and closed once per day.
  • A manual roller shutter tends to be operated by cranks and winders.


  • Providing the same benefits as a manual shutter, the electric alternative is much easier to use. They are more suited to environments where several windows and doors, if not all of them, are covered by a shutter as opening each one individually can be time sensitive and tough.
  • They can be controlled automatically at any time and some technology even allows them to be controlled from smartphones or laptops.
  • They are generally powered by a small motor which is connected to an electrical supply- however they can also be battery powered.

If you’re looking for electric or manual shutters, get in contact with the best shutters Manchester has to offer to find out more information today!

Posted: 30-03-2017