Major Places You’ll Find Roller Shutters

Major Places You’ll Find Roller Shutters

As you’ll know by now, ABC Industrial specialise in supplying and installing automatic doors and roller shutters of the highest quality, and at the best prices! Our roller shutters come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, and with multiple types to choose from, you know we have the perfect shutter solution for any home or business. Check out this short list of some of the most common sites for installing our incredibly roller shutters:

Shop Fronts

Shop fronts are a prime location for our roller shutters! With shops closing up for the night, owners want nothing more than peace of mind that their products and site are safely locked up and out of reach from any potential burglars or opportunistic thieves.

Shopping Centres

Shopping centres are in double need for our roller shutters, as they not only protect the shops themselves but also the additional storage areas, the administration suites, and the security rooms, along with any access to car parks or other back-of-house areas. Most often, the shop fronts themselves have their own, individual roller shutters while the main access to the centre also has shutters to ensure full security.


Warehouses can store thousands of units of any product under the sun, so making sure they’re locked up tights when not active is absolutely vital! Warehouses are common sites for large, industrial roller shutters on loading bays and docks, with smaller roller shutters usually installed on the employee entrances.

Industrial Factories

If roller shutters are important for warehouses, then they’re utterly essential for industrial factories. These sites not only usually have huge storage warehouses, but they also have potentially millions of pounds worth of specialist machinery and equipment! Not unlike the distinction between shop fronts and shopping centres, industrial factories carry all the same requirements for roller shutters as storage warehouses, with some extra needs too!

Car Parks

Car parks can be sites for theft, property damage, or just general anti-social behaviour and loitering. Whether the car park in question allows overnight parking or not, the security needs for large scale car parks are just the same. If cars are stored overnight then this property is in great need of protection from potential thieves. While if the car park stands empty overnight, security is still required to ensure nobody is injured on site and no damage to the car park structure is caused.

Posted: 23-05-2022