Major Components of Roller Shutters

Like most complex machinery, when it comes to constructing roller shutters, every piece has to work in harmony with all others in order to ensure that the operation is smooth and faultless. After all, one can only imagine the havoc that an out of place plate or faulty motor could cause to an active industrial site! Here at ABC Industrial we take great pride in our roller shutters which is why are going to go over some of the most important components that make up our incredible roller shutters.

Cheek Plate

The roller barrel that holds the curtain in place is supported by two components known as cheek plates, sometimes referred to as end plates. These are the parts of a roller shutter that are secured to the building during installation; the cheek plates are fitted to the doorway the shutters are being installed in, and take the full load of the shutter during operation.


Automatic roller shutters come with something known as a motor and it is often fitted into the overhead barrel assembly. It encompasses all of the wires, sensors, and other electronics required to open and close the roller shutter as well as all of the cogs, gears, and mechanical pieces that work together to move the shutter.

Safety Brake

If the motor of an automatic roller shutter was to fail then the safety brakes swing into action, bringing the shutter to a complete standstill. This is an essential component that helps ensure that people are safe around roller shutters. Once activated, the brake often needs to be reset during maintenance, usually at the same time the fault that triggered it in the first place is rectified. Here at ABC Industrial we believe that a well maintained roller shutter should operate smoothly and relatively quietly. After all, the experts will ensure that each piece is serving its purpose during the servicing. Our service and maintenance assistance has been in place since 1996 and we aim to ensure that every customer can run their business are efficiency as possible! To find out more information, get in contact with the experts in all things roller shutters today!

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