The Lowdown on Bonfire Night Security

The Lowdown on Bonfire Night Security

Whilst the colder months of the year are generally recognised as a festive period filled with forgotten diets, drinking and celebrations, events such as bonfire night are statistically the most common time of year when burglaries take place.

Unfortunately, it seems that the law breakers of this great nation love to take advantage of the population when they let their guard down in order to celebrate. In preparation for Bonfire Night, the team here at ABC are going to go over why security is so vital over the holidays…


One of the biggest problems when it comes to holidays like bonfire night is the fact that everyone will be distracted with their celebrations, giving vandals and thieves the perfect opportunity to inflict a lot of damage to your shutters. From dents to a complete breakage, the scene you turn up to the next day can be a nightmare!


In addition to this, robbery is also a very big factor of the holiday season since people are stocking up in preparation for Christmas. Whilst you may think that your shop doesn’t have much to offer, the burglars won’t agree and if you don’t take the security measures necessary you could find yourself the victim of a robbery.

What to do

As well as installing some high-quality security shutters it is important to ensure that your property is in a well-lit area with working CCTV in operation. After all, the last thing you want to do is be left unable to track down the culprit of the damage!

Here at ABC Industrial we know how devastating it can be to discover that you have been the victim of damage, especially when you have put the necessary security measure into place. The sad truth is that law breakers will do everything they can to make their way through your roller shutters! Luckily ABC Industrial are always on hand to deal with emergency call out services. For more information, speak to a member of the team today!

Posted: 05-11-2017