New Year is well and truly behind us, and it’s almost time for us to store our Christmas trees away for another 12 months. Along with the inevitability of having to go back to work and the strong possibility of being stricken by the “January blues”, this time of year also guarantees a spate of bad weather. We’re talking icy rains, blustery winds and a big chance of some snow- which means that it’s never been more important to keep your business premises warm.

Creating a warmer atmosphere will allow you to provide your employees (and yourself) with a more enjoyable place to work, and could actually contribute towards improving productivity and morale. The only problem is that you don’t want to be landed with a huge energy bill, and you just can’t see how you can raise the indoor temperature without incurring a sky-high charge.

Well, we’re here at ABC to run you through how our insulated shutters can benefit your property this January.

  • First and foremost, our insulated shutters are designed to keep heat trapped inside the building and to therefore create a more comfortable environment. There’s nothing worse than having to work in a warehouse in freezing temperatures, and insulated shutters do exactly as their name suggests. By keeping the amount of cold air entering the vicinity to a minimum and by keeping hold of any heat already inside, you’ll soon find that you no longer need to incur such high energy costs!
  • Not only do our insulated shutters provide a way of keeping your property warmer in the winter months, they also act as a means of reducing any noise. Whether you work in a noisy area or are more concerned about your warehouses disturbing those that live nearby, our shutters are perfect for subduing any loud noises. This means that you can go about your working day without fearing whether you are disturbing anyone with the noise you are making.
  • Lastly, our insulated roller shutters are guaranteed to improve the safety and security of your business premises- as with all of the shutters we have available. The presence of some high quality shutters will deter any potential threats and ensure that you can sleep a little easier in the knowledge that your premises are much safer.

Here at ABC, we offer the best insulated shutters Manchester has to offer, and please get in touch for any further information on the services that we provide!

Posted: 04-01-2017