The Importance of a Fire Door

The Importance of a Fire Door

These days having a fire door installed is generally required by law however there are still people around the country that avoiding having them installed inside their buildings due to the costs that accompany them. After all, everything tends to come with its own list of maintenance requirements and the ones for fire doors are extremely necessary in order to ensure that the doors are operating efficiently. The last thing you want to do is have some installed that will not help save lives in the event of a fire. Here are a couple of reasons why fire doors are so important…


During a fire we are told over and over again how important it is to avoid opening a door with a fire behind it because this will provide a wave of oxygen that will allow the fire to become bigger and more destructive. In some way a fire door acts like a barrier as it compartmentalises areas of a building during a fire to prevent it spreading further. In fact, this is why it is very important to ensure that fire doors are closed at all time as they are not able to compartmentalise during a fire when people leave them open.

Extra Escape Time

A fire has the ability to spread extremely quickly which means that extra time to evacuate is precious. The measures in place that allow a fire door to compartmentalise only last for around 30 minutes at a time however this a vital half an hour for many so whilst these fire doors are at work you can make your way around the fire to escape with minimal injuries. On the other hand, a property without a fire door will suffer greatly at the hands of a fire and damage will occur extremely quickly so anyone trapped inside will not have any extra time to escape, increasing their risk of injury.

Here at ABC Industrial we have a range of different fire doors that are made with heavy duty steel in order to keep even the most fire risk properties safe and sound. Our range includes single, double or leaf and a half sets and can be purchased through our website. If you have any budding questions you would like answering, get in contact with a member of the ABC team today!

Posted: 21-11-2017