How to Stay Safe in a Fire

Whilst we like to think that we would remain calm in the event of a fire, the reality is that very few know how they would actually react. After all, there are so many safety measures in place that the possibility of a fire breaking out doesn’t even cross the mind. Here at ABC Industrial Doors we want to make sure that our clients and readers stay safe so we have decided to go over a few things that could mean the difference between life and death in a fire…

Evacuate Immediately

Once a fire alarm is sounded you should stop what you are doing and immediately head towards the nearest fire exit. Although this seems like common sense, the first thing that the majority of people will do is collect their belongings before they start evacuating and this can not only put you in danger, it can put anyone who follows your lead at risk too.

Try and Stay Calm

A fire drill is one thing but an unexpected fire alarm can insight panic into people so it is important to be rational and calm, especially if you are around children. Head to the nearest emergency exit in an orderly fashion in order to prevent injury and make sure that people don’t split up or head in different directions.

Fire Doors and Regular Doors

The purpose of a fire door is to stop a fire from spreading around a building for a certain amount of time, thus providing extra time for people to escape. Whilst they should be kept closed at all times in case of a fire, some people prop them open with objects so close any fire doors behind you as you leave. In addition to this, oxygen fuels a fire so if the handle of a regular door is hot you should never open it as this means the fire is behind and opening the door will send an influx of oxygen into the room and cause the fire to erupt into an explosion.

Never Use the Elevator

People are told time and time again to never use the elevator in the event of a fire however there are always a handful that tend to try their luck. The reason why you should never use an elevator is because a fire can damage the structure of a building, cut off the electricity supply and even reach an elevator shaft so being trapped inside a cab is much more dangerous than the extra time it takes to use the stairs. Here at ABC Industrial we understand how deadly fires can be and how quickly they can take control of a warehouse or factory which is why our product list includes a selection of high quality fire doors and fire shutters in order to try and slow down the progression of the flames. After all, the extra 30 minutes they provide can mean everything to someone who is trapped inside a burning building. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the ABC team today!    

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