The Coca-Cola advert has been all over the telly, the weather has gotten colder and Noddy Holder has already been screaming down the airways- it must be getting close to Christmas. This time of year is obviously a time of merriment and celebration, and many of us will be gearing up for a holiday season to remember. After such a crazy 2016, we’re all in need of a great Christmas- filled with laughter, food and gifts. However, Christmas is by no means all fun and games, as the colder part of the year is always ripe with crime. Thieves and vandals tend to strike over the Christmas period, perhaps because they fancy getting their hands on that newly wrapped Bose speaker sitting under your Christmas tree. Criminals will also target shops and other businesses during the festivities, hoping that owners will get a little carried away with the merriment and let their guard down. So how do you make sure your property is kept safe this Christmas? Well, we’re here at ABC to tell you all about it… Roller Shutters At ABC Doors, we provide a wide range of excellent products that are all designed to keep your premises safe. Amongst these is our selection of roller shutters, which offer you a sure-fire way of improving your security. Our shutters are of the highest quality available in the UK, and are an absolutely crucial part of ensuring that you aren’t the victim of any burglaries. A set of roller shutters will deter many potential criminals, meaning that you can go ahead and enjoy the office party without fearing that someone will break into your premises. If you want to be able to sleep easy over the Christmas period, then we highly recommend that you get in touch with our team so that we can install some shutters for you! Fire Doors With Christmas comes the classic scene of the whole family curled up on a winter’s night in front of a roaring fire. The sight of stockings hanging from the mantelpiece as the fire crackles beneath them has become something of a Christmas tradition. However, the breakout of a fire is perhaps the worst thing that could really happen over the festive period. To make sure that your business and premises are kept secure, you need to install a set of top quality fire doors. Our fire doors will ensure that the fire is unable to spread and that, therefore, the damage to your property and stock is kept to an absolute minimum. This will also ensure that your staff are safe over Christmas, which will significantly reduce the risk of accident. Window Grilles Put yourself in the shoes of a potential burglar for just a moment- the sight of an unguarded window is bound to be incredibly inviting. Obviously, glass is easy to break through, and a burglar will have no hesitation in doing just that if they feel that your security is lax. Well, a set of window grilles is a great way of showing potential criminals that you take your security very seriously, and they will most likely turn any burglars on their heels. Here at ABC, we offer a range of products that are bound to improve your security over the Christmas period- and these include the best window grilles, fire doors and shutters Manchester has to offer!

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