How the winter affects your roller shutters and automatic doors

How the winter affects your roller shutters and automatic doors

Winter is well and truly upon us and the distant sound of “Shut that b!@@dy door!” rings throughout the land. As far as the seasons go, winter is definitely the toughest on industrial and commercial doors, because the use of them increases. In the majority of applications, doors are operated more often to keep out the cold. Unlike summer where doors may be opened in the morning and then closed at night having only endured one single cycle. So winter increases the cycles per day, and as well as more cycles per day, they are down in the closed position for longer. Suffering more impacts from stacker trucks and wagons when static or operating on the up/down stroke. Winter is bad for any type of door, which is not in good condition and regularly serviced.

Firstly try not to impact your doors, that is always costly and we can help you with that in an emergency of course. Secondly always ensure that your doors are serviced regularly dependent on usage, because some doors open and close all year around every time a person or vehicle needs access. So not all doors get a summer holiday, it is important therefore that a company is aware of their responsibility to make sure all doors, especially where personnel access occurs are regularly serviced in line with the number of cycles per day. This way you will get many more years of service from your door and a little money spent every year will save you on larger costs in the longer term.

ABC have seen customers over the decades spend more on new doors and huge repairs who refuse to have them serviced, than customers who have planned maintenance contracts in place which also safeguards their staff and customers safety. Definitely the most responsible option and discerning customers choice.

A winter proof wonderland would have doors regularly serviced and have doors installed to suit the usage and number of cycles per day. A good example would be an insulated roller shutter or sectional door with thermal U values to maintain building temperatures and keep out the cold. And for periods of high usage such as a 40ft lorry delivery, a rapid roll door fitted internally to the insulated door which could fly up and down between fork lift truck passes in and out of the building.

There are doors for every application from fire shutters to refrigerator doors. Both of those and everything in between is exactly what we at ABC can install all year around. So why not make your workplace comply with safety regulations firstly and have us take a look and assess your needs. If you can upgrade for safety and improve efficiency at the same time, it makes perfect sense. You could improve safety with a safe drive motor, operations efficiency with a faster rapid roll and heating efficiency with thermally insulated door. Mercedes car dealers for example, do all three with an insulated spiral door which is insulated, safe drive and fast. But as these start at around £10k each, we think it best you ask us for a free consultation and survey to match your budget. However… a spiral door would probably cost less in high usage applications over a 10-20 year period and well, sometimes customers just want the best of the best.

Posted: 03-02-2021