How Prevent Warehouse Fires

There is nothing worse than a discovering a fire. After all, until fight or flight kicks in most people tend to freeze is disbelief and a warehouse is a large property that can be quickly engulfed in flames. This means that it is vital that you have the necessary safety measures in place in order to reduce the rate at which the flame spread from room to room. As the experts in all things industrial, the team here at ABC have decided to go over a few installations that can help prevent a devasting warehouse fire.

Fire Alarms

The most effect fire prevention method has got to be the fire alarm. These systems are often installed inside both industrial and commercial properties in order to keep members of the public and staff safe and they are a great way to alert people to the existence of a fire before things get out of hand. To prevent a warehouse fire, you should ensure that there is a fully operational alarm system in place.


Most fire alarms are hooked up to a sprinkler system which are activated the moment a fire alarm is tripped. This is another great solution as the sudden influx of water can actually put out a reasonably small fire, allowing the people inside to escape. It is important that you asses the premises and determine whether or not a sprinkler system is effect for your warehouse as the water can also destroy electrical equipment when the sprinklers are activated.

Fire Shutters

When it comes to warehouses, the benefit of a fire shutter cannot be understated. After all, they act like a regular roller shutter until required otherwise and can save countless lives by compartmentalising the property and reducing the rate in which it is able to spread. Most of the time they are hardwired to the fire alarm, so both will be triggered simultaneously and with an extra 30 minutes to evacuate, a fire shutter is an essential industrial fire protection measure. When it comes to fire safety in industrial properties, we believe that there is nothing more effective than fire shutters. After all, compartmentalising the area helps contain the flames to one single area, allowing people a fair chance to escape. To find out more information about preventing warehouse fires, get in contact with a member of the ABC Industrial team today!

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