The Lowdown on Aluminium Maintenance

Aluminium is a rather versatile metal that is known for its malleability and ability to be used in a range of different constructions. In fact, many roller shutters and industrial doors are created using aluminium which is why it is important that you know to correctly maintain them. After all, rust and corrosion can take control faster than you may think. Read on to find out everything you need to know about aluminium maintenance…

Qualities of Aluminium

The metal aluminium is characterised by many different qualities, making it an incredibly versatile material to use. For example, it is incredibly lightweight yet strong at the same time, extremely durable, which means that it has the ability to withstand the brutality of the weather with ease and resistant to the effects of corrosion, which makes it so suitable for such outdoor use.


Taking care of aluminium comes with a range of different methods, including handling. For example, you should take steps to avoid aluminium objects scraping against surfaces with coarse textures and it is very important that you do not drag the metal across the ground as this will damage its structural integrity. In addition to this, large items made of aluminium should always be carried by at least two people.


Aluminium that is not being used should never be left to the mercy of the weather. After all, corrosion resistance and durability are qualities that take place when high quality maintenance is provided. To ensure that the metal remains in tip top condition it should be stored in a dry, clean and dust free environment.


Taking care of aluminium products is simpler than people think as all you have to do is ensure that dirt is not able to build up. After all, if you do not clean it away the grime can lead to staining and this is very difficult to remove without harsh chemicals that can damage the metal. In ascending order of harshness, aluminium can be cleaned using plain water, mild soap, a wax-based polish, abrasive wax or an abrasive cleaner. Here at ABC Industrial, we have a wide variety of high quality aluminium doors that are guaranteed to secure any number of industrial and commercial buildings. By affording aluminium the maintenance it requires you can ensure that your doors will remain in tip top condition for as long as possible. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the ABC team today!

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