How Can Roller Shutters Increase The Value Of Your Property?

Buying or selling a home is always a stressful experience. If you’re buying, you have to be on the lookout for the best home you can get for your budget and when you’re viewing, you must keep eagle eyes trained for any potential damage or factor that may reduce its value. Conversely, if you’re the seller, you want to maximise the price you can claim for your home and increase its wow factor to attract potential buyers! One way you can do this is by installing roller shutters on your doors and windows, to provide extra security and protection. This is just one of the ways roller shutters can increase the value of your home. Let’s take a look: Increased Security The first and foremost factor in people’s minds as they consider fitting roller shutters in security. This is the primary function, and roller shutters provide an entire extra layer of security by covering each of your ingress and egress points with full metal coverings, protecting from burglaries, break-ins, and vandalism! Protecting Doors and Windows In addition to providing the heightened security associated with fitting roller shutters on your doors and windows, you are also adding additional protection against the elements! The most likely part of your home to erode, rot or leak is the doorways and window frames, especially if they’re still wooden and not newer plastic models! Roller shutters protect your home’s most vulnerable points from weathering and eroding under the wind and rain. Controlled Light and Noise Level Roller shutters can be used to block light and noise from outside you home, giving you full control over the ambient light and noise levels you allow in your home. If you live in a city or heavily urban area, you’ll be able to block out those irritating traffic noises and likewise, if you’re a shift worker who needs to sleep all day, roller shutters can help you block out all that unwanted light! Savings on Energy Bills Roller shutters don’t just add an extra layer of security, protection, and noise/light control, they also automatically bring an additional layer of insultation to your property. By lining your doors and windows with roller shutters you are creating a layer of air trapped between the shutter and the property, which will help keep heat in and cut your gas/electric bills throughout winter!  

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