How Can Automatic Doors Make Your Building More Environmentally Friendly?

How Can Automatic Doors Make Your Building More Environmentally Friendly?

Automatic doors have become commonplace in modern society. They adorn our banks, supermarkets, hospitals, office blocks, and nearly every other type of building you can imagine. Certainly, some wealthy individuals will even have automatic doors installed within their homes; automatic doors are simply everywhere! But did you know that automatic doors can help us save the environment? That’s right!

According to analysis in the 2017 Global Status Report by the World Green Building Council, buildings account for 39% of the world’s carbon emissions, nearly double that of vehicles, which only account for 22%! A huge majority (71%) of the energy consumed by buildings goes to its heating and cooling, which makes insultation and keeping entry points closed absolutely vital.

Here’s where automatic doors come in. Automatic doors are a wonderful method for keeping as much heat in/out as you need, especially in buildings with high foot traffic! Since they’re faster and work smarter to keep closed, you can minimise heat transmission and cold air leaking into the building, which will help reduce the strain your building’s heating or cooling system is under trying to keep every room at ideal temperature!

Installing automatic doors on your building can help to maximise the efficiency of your energy use, cutting down on bills, helping to create a more stable temperature all year round, and reducing the carbon footprint of your building to help the planet move to a greener, more eco-friendly future! Different types of automatic doors can be used in different ways:

Revolving automatic doors are simply the best for maintaining insulation. Because the entranceway is always open to foot traffic, but never allows a through passage for air to enter, it allows for heavy movement in and out of the building without jeopardising its energy efficiency.

Slide and swing doors both allow for large through passages to open, which can allow huge volumes of air to enter and exit the building. To combat this, installing a vestibule (a double doorway with a buffer zone in between) is an excellent way to reduce the impact this has on your building’s energy efficiency!

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Posted: 04-11-2021