The History of Shutter Part 2

The History of Shutter Part 2

Whilst the shutter may seem like a modern technological development, part one of this two part blog series actually revealed that they had their humble beginnings back in Tudor England. From a change in purpose to a swap of materials, the roller shutters we know of today hold quite a history. Here is part two of the history of shutters…

The First Shutters in Australia

During the early years of Australian settlement the free settlers would fix timber shutters in the place of windows just like the British did. Similarly, once they became more financially settled glass would replace them and the focus would turn to security and the prevention of property damage. In fact, the 1960’s saw a project that included fake shutters being attached to the exterior of homes as a visual effect in order to deter vandals and thieves from attempting to gain entry.

The Industrial Variation

Whilst one half of the shutter industry developed internally and is used to block the entry of light into a home, the other half took a more industrial route which we now know as roller shutters. These developments have placed a focus on the security of a property rather than the aesthetic in order to ensure that law breakers cannot conduct any funny business where they aren’t welcome. After all, nobody wants to discover that they have been the victim of a robbery. From low quality wood of 500 years ago to the high quality steel and aluminium models we know today, the roller shutter has come a long way within its development.

Now you know the journey that roller shutters took in order to become the established property defence they are today, it’s time to get your hands on your very own! After all, the days of wooden shutters are long behind us and the shutters of the 21st century proudly boast automatic operation and high quality materials perfect for deterring unwanted intruders. For more information, speak to a member of the ABC Industrial team today!

Posted: 10-10-2017