Fixing a Noisy Roller Shutter Motor

Fixing a Noisy Roller Shutter Motor

Whilst roller shutters that have a motor installed inside them are a great addition to any working environment, they can come with their own fair share of problem and maintenance issues that are best sorted sooner than later. One of the biggest complaints that people have after owning a roller shutter for a certain period of time is the sudden appearance of a noisy motor. Luckily this issue is easily fixed and in this blog, we’re going to go over a few solutions…


Sometimes the issue of a noisy motor is fixed by the simple application of oil. After all, a motor needs lubrication in order to function smoothly and if they do not have this, the moving parts of the structure will start to create noise. In fact, adding a lubrication like oil will also make the shutter work much more efficiently too.


Most of the time technology can tell us when there is a problem and noise can be one of the main symptoms of a motor issue. If your motor is making a lot of noise then expose it from the covering, disconnect it from the power source and check for signs of damage as it may be necessary to call out an emergency service to repair the motor.


Everything has a set lifespan and that include technology. After all there is only so many times that you can repair something before it become inefficient. If your roller shutter is particularly old, it may be more cost effective to completely replace a noisy shutter motor as this will allow it to run much more efficiently.

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Posted: 07-11-2017