Five More Benefits of Roller Shutters

Five More Benefits of Roller Shutters

Create a Thermal Barrier

Roller shutters can be installed with foam filled lath sections which create a thermal protection for working environments occupied by staff. You can also get them for your home to keep heat in at night or even on your garage to make your space cosy enough to use as hobby space or kids room. Available for domestic and industrial applications from 1000mm x 1000mm all the way up to 8000mm x 12000mm plus.

Add Value to Your Property

If a property has new or well-maintained roller shutters it can add tens of thousands of pounds onto the value of a commercial unit. It can often be the deciding factor of whether a prospective tenant chooses your building or the one across the road. Good access and security is something we interact with daily so it becomes a focus when decision making.

Increase Production

A large well maintained warehouse roller shutter takes one minute to open by hand, but it takes two minutes getting off and on the stack truck. An electric roller shutter only takes 20 seconds, but it still takes two minutes getting off and on the fork lift. An automatic roller shutter takes 20 seconds from when you drive onto the ground loop. A rapid roll is open by the time you drive through the door!

Boost Your Confidence

A roller shutter on your premises, or even 20 around the full perimeter will give you enough confidence to buy premises in a cheaper area potentially. We see customers very plush offices all the time in areas where you would not even leave your car at night. Businesses often need vast spaces to carry out their work, and square footage costs money, often leading people to buy warehousing in rough areas. That is where we come to your assistance.

Save Your Life

There is no doubt that fire kills people and ravages properties, but ABC fire shutters stop fires spreading through schools, warehouses, and office blocks housing thousands of staff. With ABC fire roller shutters you can rest assured that in the event of a fire, your building is as protected as it can be

Posted: 16-08-2022