According to the law, every building which occupies a significant amount of people on a regular basis should have fire doors installed. In fact, it is recommended that homeowners start to consider adding them to their houses too as an extra means of protection. After all, they act as a barrier between the heat of a fire and its smoke, allowing people around 30 extra minutes to escape if a fire was to break out. Here are a few fire door related facts…

• Statistics show that roughly 3 million brand new fire doors are purchased and installed inside buildings every single year in the UK alone.

• Fire doors should always remain closed as they cannot do their job in the occurrence of a fire if they are open. In fact, leaving them open even slightly disregards the safety of others and is also illegal.

• Every single fire door that is bought should be, by law, fitted with something known as an intumescent seal. These expand 5-10 times their normal size and help to seal the gaps around the entire perimeter of a fire door to hold it in place and prevent a fire from spreading.

• In a survey carried out by registered fire risk assessors, around 80% of all fire escape routes were obstructed in some way, with 65% of fire doors being left open and 85% having their automatic door closers disconnected from the top. This is both illegal and dangerous.
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Posted: 21-07-2017