Different Window Grille Styles

Different Window Grille Styles

Window grilles are a type of security measure that are secured to the exterior of your home in order to provide peace of mind that you are protected from intruders and criminal damage. With this said, many people still find them to be an unnecessary eyesore despite broadening of the market. Here at ABC Industrial we believe that window grilles can offer a range of different benefits which is why we are going to go over the different styles available to choose from…


As the most popular design in the States, the colonial window grille style uses horizontal and vertical bars in order to create a symmetrical design that protects your home without making it look unsightly. In fact, the best thing about this design is its ability to be personalised in order to fit the aesthetic of your home.


The Victorian home evolved from the gothic style which means that the design of these home elements are focused on aesthetics rather than practicality. In fact, since they are so atypical it is not wrong to presume that the design of window grilles would be too and Victorian style grilles are often diamond patterned.


The last thing that you want is your window grilles to make the exterior of your home look unsightly which is why the modern style is becoming more and more popular thanks to the incorporation of many detailed design elements. From floral elements to shapes, modern window grilles are incredibly eye catching but still maintain their security purpose.

Window grilles were once referred to as the residential equivalent of prison bars however modern developments and designs mean that they are becoming more artistic as the years go on. In fact, many window grilles are installed with design and elegance in mind! To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the ABC Industrial team today!

Posted: 23-03-2018