Different Types of Fire Safety Measures

Different Types of Fire Safety Measures

Here at ABC Industrial, we stock a variety of high-quality safety measures that can be used by business owners and industrial property owners alike in order to promote security and prevent crime. With this said, fire is one of the most dangerous elements in the world and has the power to destroy any industrial building within minutes unless it is contained. Read on as we go over three essential fire safety measures that every property should have in place…

Fire Blankets

When a fire is relatively small, it is possible to extinguish it using a device called a fire blanket, which is made from a fibreglass or Kevlar material and designed in order to withstand temperatures up to 900°C. The user simply unfolds the blanket and places it on top of the flames in order to starve the fire of oxygen, making them popular in kitchens where many fires start.

Fire Shutters

On the other hand, a large industrial fire can spread quickly which can make a fire blanket ineffective. Luckily, fire shutters can be installed in order to compartmentalise a building and prevent a fire from destroying an entire property. In fact, this process also gives people around 30 minutes of extra time to evacuate the premises, promoting both safety and efficiency.

Fire Doors

Every public building is required by law to install high-quality and regularly serviced fire doors. After all, they are fitted with a seal that expands in the presence of smoke and fire in order to prevent the flames from spreading and most fire doors are rated with an impressive 240 minutes of protection that allows people to evacuate safely. In fact, this is why fire doors should always remain closed.

A fire is the last thing that industrial property owners want to contend with. After all, they are difficult to contain, incredibly dangerous and can inflict a lot of damage upon a building. Luckily, fire doors and fire shutters are effective safety measures that can be used alongside sprinklers in order to control how they spread so that people are able to evacuate effectively. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the ABC Industrial team and ask about our fire safety approaches today!

Posted: 11-11-2019