Different Types of Dock Buffers and Dock Shelters

Different Types of Dock Buffers and Dock Shelters

Dock Buffers

Dock Buffers are robust components fitted to docks to absorb the impact of any collision. They are constructed of composite reinforced rubber and available in rectangular and L – shaped versions to suit different requirement.

There is also a sliding buffer system, which allows the buffers to be in contact with the vehicle and to move up and down with vehicle’s suspension, reducing the damage a normal buffer would take as the suspension rises and falls.

Polyethylene fronted buffers offer a long life, high damage resistance and ensure the dock area remains safe and functional. They also have the most aesthetic finish, so they look very nice while they work to reduce damage on your vehicle bumpers.

Dock Shelters

Dock shelters are a common sight on warehouses and loading bays whether there is heavy activity loading items on and off large vehicles like lorries and tankers. Rigid dock shelters are the most popular for energy conscious operators, as these help reduce your carbon footprint! The vehicle reverses into the shelter, which then seals the surrounding area with side and top curtains top seal in heat.

Retractable shelters are also a great option. These are versatile and hard – wearing. These are especially good for loading stations where the vehicles are of different sizes. These are very universal and can cater their seal for most applications. The shelter is designed to retract on impact to absorb all of the blow. It is a great value for money investment!

Inflatable shelters are great especially for distributing frozen and chilled foods, as the temperature-controlled premises is very strict with them, and provides maximum sealing capabilities. They can also accommodate to extra wide doorways when required.

Finally, there are foam pad dock seals, which are a cost-effective solution to sealing the rear of a vehicle to the loading bay and are very good if the fleet of vehicles are of the same/ similar size. The seals act as a barrier between the building and the vehicle and will compress until the vehicle reaches the dock bumpers.

If you are looking at installing some dock buffers or dock shelters for your loading bay, then make sure to check out our services at ABC Industrials!


Posted: 22-11-2021