The Different Types of Aluminium Doors

The Different Types of Aluminium Doors

Here at ABC Industrial Doors we believe that there is an aluminium door out there for everybody. After all, every company’s location is different which means that one design cannot possibly fit all. In order to ensure that our clients make an informed and educated decision we have decided to use this blog to go over the top three types of aluminium doors…

Slide and Fold

A home renovation offers the perfect opportunity to completed reinvent your interior. Whilst many homes have a regular door to reach the exterior of the home, most modern designs opt for something a little out of the ordinary and a slide and fold aluminium door is definitely one that is going to turn heads. After all, they don’t take up too much room and can open up the space during summer with ease.


If you are looking for a seamless and controlled open and close transaction then a sliding aluminium door is the perfect design for you. In fact, the best thing about this design is that it can be either automated for use in busy workplaces that receive a lot of on foot traffic or kept as a manual design to be used in the home. After all, a sliding aluminium door is incredibly modern and is the perfect finishing piece to any landscaping.


When you have space to work with then a swinging aluminium door is certainly a top contender. After all, sometimes spaces can be too big so a door that uses some of that extra space in order to open and close can be the perfect design element to install. Plus swinging aluminium doors can also be automated and are often installed inside doctors surgery’s.

Quality is characteristic that we take very seriously here at ABC Industrial which is why our range of aluminium doors are crafted to the highest quality possible, using only the best materials on the market. After all, we want to install products with a guarantee that is certain to give our clients peace of mind. Whatever design of aluminium doors you decide to opt for, you can bet that the ABC team have to got you covered so get in contact to find out more information today!

Posted: 06-03-2018