It’s safe to say that America generally makes a lot of absurd decisions and puts forth a whole range of unprogressively odd laws- however last year the city of Chicago took a strange step towards banning the use of security shutters, causing an uproar amongst the owners of several shops. The decision was made by city leaders following the decision that the roller shutter were too ‘unsightly’ for the busy high streets.

Unfortunately, Chicago isn’t the only city onboard this bandwagon of crazy because they have simply followed suit. In fact, similar decisions to ban roller shutters were also made in Miami and New York too. Here at ABC Shutters, we believe that the aesthetics of a roller shutter are exempt when it comes to security you can trust which is why we’re going to tell you a few reasons why this ban was a terrible decision…

  • Many criminals know that goods are stored inside buildings which is why it is important to implement security like roller shutters in order to deter these vandals from even attempting to gain entry.
  • Thieves aren’t the only problem when it comes to damage to a building as the weather can be pretty treacherous too. From heavy winds to hailstone, roller shutters can also help protect your shop or warehouse from devastating weather related damage.

If you’re looking for a security measure you can rely on, get in contact with ABC Shutters today and check out our exciting range of roller shutters! Although they may not be the most attractive thing to look at, they are very helpful when it comes to deterring thieves and protecting your buildings, which is something that the residents of Chicago require.

Posted: 03-07-2017