Busting the Myths on Industrial Doors

Here at ABC Industrial, we have a wide variety of high-quality security solutions to offer our clients as we recognise that every property has individual requirements that need to be catered for. In fact, the industrial door is one of the most popular options on the market for industrial buildings like warehouses and factories. Unfortunately, there are many myths within the industry that discredit their potential. Read on as we bust the top three in order to help our readers make an unbiased decision about their security...

Myth: Industrial doors are an expensive investment

With the right maintenance, an industrial door can last business owners several decades and provide years of safety and security. With this said, the upfront cost and installation process can be a shock to many which is why we encourage property owners to see them as an investment for the future. In fact, industrial doors are even known to improve industrial efficiency which can help save money on energy bills too.

Myth: Industrial doors do not improve security

Crafted from heavy duty steel, industrial doors are one of the most effective security solutions on the market. After all, they are notoriously difficult to bypass in a burglary and their unmistakable industrial demeanour means that most criminals are deterred from even trying their luck in the first place. As a result, industrial doors are the perfect way to secure an industrial warehouse or factory that deals with high-value stock.

Myth: Industrial doors open and close too slowly

When it comes to energy efficiency, the speed of a door can make a big difference and that is why our range of high-speed industrial doors are designed to reduce temperature fluctuations and ensure that the flow of traffic remains as effective as possible. After all, slow doorways are the second biggest cause of energy leaks after poor-quality insulation. For many business owners, their factory or warehouse is their livelihood and this means that security is something that cannot be pushed aside for a rainy day. Here at ABC Industrial, we have a wide range of high-quality Hormann Industrial Doors that come in a high-speed or sectional variety which allows clients to personalise their security without affecting the way their business is run. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the ABC team and ask about our range of industrial doors today!

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