Nothing is more important than the safety of your staff and the security of your valuable equipment. This means that you obviously need to take the necessary precautions to combat any potential intruders, because the last thing you want is to present someone with an opportunity to steal or vandalise something. But one of the real dangers in running a business is the risk of fire. We all know fire can mercilessly spread throughout any property if it’s not taken the proper safety measures, and that’s why every property owner in the world needs to ensure it stay in line with safety regulations. ABC offer a range of top quality fire shutters across the UK, which are absolutely vital in making sure your building is capable of keeping fire at bay. We thought we’d take the time to bust a few fire shutter myths, so that you can see just how important they are. Myth 1: Fire Shutters Are Expensive It’s frightening just how many property owners out there are put-off fire shutters because they think they’re some sort of expensive luxury. These properties will then utilise fire extinguishers to save on cost, which of course every building should have, but they simply aren’t enough when it comes to combatting the threat of fire. When you consider how fire shutters are capable of keeping fire contained to a single area, it’s hard to ignore just how much you stand to save in terms of damaged equipment or stock. So, when it comes to installing fire shutters, you need to see them as the incredible investment that they are. Myth 2: They Can’t Be Trusted While some property owners believe that they are too expensive, others are of the belief that fire shutters can’t be trusted to do their job. This is an incredibly strange mindset to have, considering how our fire shutters are fitted with alarms and will automatically close when fire is detected. Fire shutters rarely fail to contain the spread of a fire, and are incredibly reliable contraptions that not only stop the fire spreading, but also alert you to the presence of the fire. Myth 3: They’ll Just Malfunction Because they run automatically and require very little manual operation, some people are under the impression that this means they are bound to become faulty. But fire shutters are designed to last for years, and the lack of any real maintenance means that you don’t have to keep checking them. That being said, any fire safety equipment should undergo regular tests, and fire shutters are certainly no exception. However, you don’t have to worry about fire shutters malfunctioning and not doing their job when required to, because they are the most reliable set of commercial doors that money can buy. If you’re interested in our fire shutters or commercial door systems, then get in touch with our dedicated team today!

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