Bollard Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Bollard Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Like most things you cannot install a selection of bollards and simply leave them to suffer at the hands of weathering and vandalism. In fact it is quite important to ensure that the necessary maintenance is put into place in order to ensure that they look brand new all year around and are able to control traffic as best as they possibly can. Here are a few tips and tricks that the team here at ABC have put together in order to help…

Regular Inspections

In order to ensure that bollard are structurally sound it is important to ensure that regular inspections are organised. After all, it is hard to tell whether a bollard has changed when it is not receiving the right maintenance. In addition to this, a routine also help people know whether any damage is recent or not.


Just like other types of industrial equipment a bollard requires cleaning in order to keep it looking aesthetically pleasing. This can be done every 3-6 months using regular soap and water however if there is a lot of hard dirt then it may be best to use a nylon brush with a detergent.

Dealing with Damage

A bollard is a often the victim of damage on a regular basis which means it can be handy to know how to deal with the aftermath. In fact it is rather ironic that something put in place to control traffic tends to be damaged by vehicles! This is because speeding cars and vans will often collide with them and knock them out of their bases. If you notice any dents or cracks in a bollard during maintenance it can affect the integrity of the product so the bollard should be removed and replaced.

Here at ABC Industrial we want our clients, customers and readers to be able to care for their purchases correctly which is why we use our blog in order to share important pieces of important. In fact, we have recently realised that very few people know how to deal with bollards which can leave cities and the exterior of warehouses looking messy. If you have any questions regarding our range of bollards, don’t hesitate to get in contact with a member of the team today!

Posted: 22-11-2017