Biggest Roller Shutter Misconceptions

Biggest Roller Shutter Misconceptions

It is safe to safe to say that roller shutters are one of the most misunderstood pieces of industrial security. After all, there are hundreds of myths on the internet that have the power to spread false information across the globe. Luckily, the team here at ABC Industrial Doors are on hand in order to answer your questions and ensure that you get facts instead of fiction. Here are some of the biggest roller shutter misconceptions…

Roller shutters are only for industrial uses

Many people find roller shutters too industrial and this often comes with the idea that they can only be installed on industrial properties like shop fronts, factories and supermarkets when in reality they are also pretty great on residential properties too. After all, they can help prevent vandalism and burglary better than any alarm.

Roller shutters are not corrosion resistant

The majority of roller shutters are made from a durable material known as aluminium which is renowned for its light weight and strength. In fact, it is also incredible non-corrosive which means that it is less prone to degrading due to general wear and tear that may occur with other metals when they are left outside for years at a time.

Roller shutters don’t improve your security

Since roller shutters are not exactly sought after for the visuals, it is their ability to enhance security that often captures the attention of potential buyers. After all, the materials that they are made from are incredibly strong and durable, making them practically impenetrable by law breakers.

Here at ABC Industrial Doors we try our very best to ensure that our clients are only given facts when they are interested in our product range. After all, it is unethical to allow a purchase to go through when misconceptions are clouding the judgement. Luckily, the roller shutters experts are always on hand to ensure that you make the most suitable purchase for your needs. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the ABC team today!

Posted: 22-05-2018