Biggest Garage Door Myths

Biggest Garage Door Myths

Here at ABC Industrial it is safe to say that we have heard every single myth and legend that the world of industrialisation could possibly throw at us. After all, the internet allows anybody the chance to put information online for the world to read and it is likely that a vast majority of the details are pure speculation with a lack of supporting evidence. Luckily the team here at ABC are going to bust some of the biggest garage door myths around…

Myth: Maintenance isn’t a necessity

For some unknown reason the internet likes to tell people that industrial equipment will survive without any human intervention when the exact opposite will take place. After all, metal and technology cannot regenerate itself which means that experts will need to regularly ensure that it is in good working order.

Myth: Garage doors are expensive

Many people tend to see garage doors as an unnecessary expense that will dramatically affect their bank account whilst providing very little benefit. Whilst it is true that garage doors cant be purchased with pocket money you had lying around, the team here at ABC Industrial like to think that you get the quality that you are willing to pay for and sometimes an investment in the future is more economically beneficial than buying the cheapest one on the market.

Myth: Garage doors are too generic

Years ago it was not uncommon to see identical garage doors lining the streets by the dozen and this mental image can be enough to put anybody off purchasing them, even in 2018. Luckily the ABC team can say with absolute certainty that modern development and artistic flare means that garage doors can be personalised and even designed to fit in with a certain landscape, removing all evidence of their generic past.

When it comes to information on the internet it can be hard to know who you can and cannot trust. Luckily the team here at ABC Industrial is made up of a range of diverse and highly experienced individuals who can handle everything from a faulty roller shutter to the installation of modern bollards! In fact, now you know the truth about our range of garage doors, it’s time to get in contact to find out more information!

Posted: 26-04-2018