Here at ABC Doors, we know how great roller shutters can be for a commercial property. But do you? If not, we thought we’d run through some of the main benefits that can be found by installing them on your property.

Safety and security

Probably the number one reason to install roller shutters is for that increase in security. You may adequately lock your doors but if you have exposed windows or a glass door, you’re going to be an attraction to burglars. With most burglars gaining entry through windows and doors, a roller shutter takes away that option.

Protection from the elements

Windows and doors, no matter if they’re double glazed and high quality, can be affected by the elements. High winds and rain can batter against them causing damage and UV rays from the sun can shine through and cause fading to the interior of your property. With roller shutters you get protection from the elements.

Vandalism prevention

You might not be targeted by burglars but a bare window or door is ripe for vandalism. Whether it’s spray paint, markers, a stray brick or something else, your roller shutters will protect your window, door and the overall image of your property. Plus, it will save you repair costs!

If you’re looking for roller shutters in Manchester, for any kind of property, give us a call today at ABC Doors. Our team will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and give you the correct, expert advice. All of our shutters are manufactured in house, made to measure, and are of the highest quality.

Posted: 21-09-2016