The Benefits of Dock Levellers

The Benefits of Dock Levellers

Our range of products go beyond roller shutters and industrial doors here at ABC Industrial. In fact, one of our most highly sought after products has got to be our range of dock levellers. After all, they are incredibly durable and built to the highest quality possible. In order to ensure that you find what you are looking for we have decided to go over some of the benefits that a dock leveller can provide…

What is a dock leveller?

A company that has to ship and receive products from large vehicles can benefit greatly from the use of a dock leveller. In fact, this piece of machinery has a very important role when it comes to safely loading and unloading cargo in a fast and efficient manner. They operate using high quality machinery  to adjust and compensate for height differences between warehouses and the floor of a lorry.

The Benefits

  • There is a wide range of dock levellers on the market which means that you can choose one that suits your requirements without having to settle for the next best thing. From the hydraulic variety that uses water pressure to the mechanical type that opts for a spring system; each one is designed for a specific working environment based on the amount of traffic, the frequency of use and the weight of the cargo. This ultimately makes them incredibly durable and expertly thought out.


  • Using a dock leveller makes unloading and loading cargo incredibly safe because the floor of the lorry becomes flush to the surface. This is especially important with heavy cargo that could cause an injury if it were to fall and fragile cargo that could break under heavy handling as both of these could occur without a dock leveller.

Here at ABC Industrial we believe that a dock leveller is one of the most important pieces of loading bay equipment around however many people often over think them or presume they are an unnecessary expense that offer little comeback. Now you know the ins and outs however it is time to do what is best for your company and invest in one yourself! Get in contact and speak to a member of the ABC team to find out more information today!

Posted: 22-12-2017