Are Automatic Doors Safe?

Are Automatic Doors Safe?

The safety of the general public is something that we take very seriously here at ABC Industrial which is why we would never supply our customers with a product that could put them at risk. In fact, we can positively say that automatic doors are an extremely safe piece of technology when correctly installed by the professionals. Read on to find out more information…

The designing process of automatic doors is overseen by a company known as BS EN 16005 which states the safety regulations and practice that must be abided by in order to ensure that automatic doors are fit for use by pedestrians and the general public. This code is the law for each and every automatic door that has been installed since April of 2013.

The code states that many tests must take place in order to ensure that the automatic doors are safe, including; a risk analysis, a health assessment and a specification issue. It is important to note that these tests must take place before the doors are installed to the property in question. During these reports the buyer should also provide those necessary with information regarding vulnerable members of the public and how frequent they may make use of the doors. These individuals include but are not limited to the elderly, the disabled and young children.

With this said there are also more specific guidelines for sliding doors and swing doors that are made automatic as these doors must be subjected to routine maintenance for a year.

If you’re still wondering whether automatic doors are safe to use it may be best to get in contact with a member of the ABC team today! As the experts in this field you can be sure we will be able to assist you with any questions or queries you may have!


Posted: 24-10-2017