Why Automatic Doors are Safe

Why Automatic Doors are Safe

Although we have used automatic doors for many years and implemented them into a range of different types of technology, there are still some people who find them unsafe or untrustworthy. Since we consider ourselves an expert on the topic, the team here at ABC Industrial have decided to go over the issues once and for all and address what makes an automatic door so safe in the modern 21 century…


The technology of the modern world is advancing quickly. After all, we didn’t even have electricity 100 years ago! Due to this, the technology that has been implemented inside automatic doors is incredibly reliable and it also undergoes very strict safety tests and regulations before it can be legally sold on the market which deems it safe the public.


Years ago we were able to create products using advanced technology however the input and output figured were always very unbalanced. Luckily we are now learning how to make energy efficiency something that we can all benefit from. By reducing the amount of raw materials that are used wherever possible during the production of automatic doors, we are able to create systems that require 50% less power which contributes considerably to a reduced energy consumption.


Before anything, especially automatic technology, can be sold on the market it has to adhere to laws and guidelines that dictate a lot of very strict specifics. Due to this, there is very little room for error which means that automatic technology is some of the safest technology out there.

Here at ABC Industrial we are extremely proud of our range of automatic doors and we want everybody to know how safe they really are for use around members of the public. By reinforcing the different methods that are implemented during the production process it can help ease any worries that readers may have! To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the ABC team today!

Posted: 11-12-2017