Automatic Doors and Repairs Salford

For automatic doors and repairs in Salford, look no further than ABC Industrial. Taking care of an automatic door doesn’t have to be a full-time responsibility and that is why we like to emphasise the importance of mechanical maintenance at every opportunity. After all, an investment in automation is something that a property owner should always consider carefully. Here at ABC Industrial, our team has over 20 years’ experience in the industrial industry and our unrivalled service is renowned for the attention to detail that we deliver to each and every customer. After all, a faulty automatic door is the last thing that a business owner wants to discover.

By swapping out heavy manual doors for a more effective alternative as a means to improve ease of access for the disabled, there is no doubt that automatic doors have the ability to provide a variety of unique benefits. In fact, they can also enhance the aesthetic value of a properties exterior and promote energy efficiency by using motor sensors in order to control how long the doors are open for. With this said, a mechanical piece of equipment such as this requires high-quality maintenance and regular automatic doors repairs in order to promote longevity and safety.

After all, a sudden automatic door fault can put people at risk which is why it is important to provide prompt repair work. Since they can malfunction in many ways, a property owner should also be able to assess when a system may require the expert attention of an industrial engineer and any unusual noises should always be considered a cause for concern. In addition to this, an unresponsive or defective motion sensor is a serious safety risk and should be inspected promptly in order to promote public safety.

Automatic Doors Salford

Here at ABC Industrial, we believe that it is essential that property owners carry out regular inspections in order to ensure that an automatic door is in a safe working order. Luckily, for automatic doors and repairs in Salford, the ABC Industrial team are here to take care of minor problems before they develop into a costly affair. In fact, our planned preventative maintenance contracts are crafted up with the client in mind in order to prioritise affordability, quality and peace of mind. After all, there should never be a price on security and safety.

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