The sheer amount of myths that are formed within each industry makes it very difficult to find out accurate information. After all, the last thing you want to do is be told something that isn’t quite true and then pass on this false information in the future. Here at ABC Industrial, we are going to set the record straight by going over a few of the myths surrounding automatic doors in a retail environment…

Myth: They cost a lot of money regarding electricity to use.

Contrary to belief, an automatic door does not use a great deal of electricity and power to use, particularly the sliding variety. They are automated using a small motor which sits on the top of the doors and pulls them open or pushes them closed when required. Due to this, the costs regarding electricity are very small, if not rather unnoticeable.

Myth: They make it harder to regulate the temperature of a building.

This is the opposite of the truth! An automatic door can actually make it must easier to heat and cool a building as they open and close according to a sensor. This means that very minimal heat will be long in an environment because the doors will only be operated when it is necessary. After all, in most environments heat is lost when doors are left open continuously, making them inefficient. With automatic doors, this cannot happen.

Here at ABC Industrial, we try our best to ensure that the information our clients receive is correct. After all, we want every single customer to complete a purchase knowing that they will receive exactly what they were looking for and separating the facts from the myths is one way to ensure this. Get in contact with the best supplier of commercial door systems today to find out more!

Posted: 30-05-2017