It’s safe to say that protecting your business is vital and with the growing industrial industry, there are many ways you can do this. After all, it is wise to invest in advanced security measures in order to prevent unwanted criminal activity rather than save some cash and deal with the consequences. In this blog, the team here at ABC Industrial are going to go over some of the advantages of window grilles…

Increases the security

A window grille is often installed on the outside of your window which means that any thief who attempts to enter your property will have a very hard time. Not only will they bring a lot of attention to themselves if they pursue their ploy, they will likely be caught in the act. This means that window grilles are an excellent thief and vandal deterrent.

Low Maintenance

As a window grille operates manually, there are very few complex mechanisms that can fail to work. Plus, they do not require a lot of maintenance from professionals which therefore makes them a money and time saving investment.


Compared to their roller shutter counterpart, a window grille is significantly more affordable and whilst it’s important to remember that each have their own benefits, a window grille could be the best option for those who don’t have much disposable cash to invest in their security.

Protecting your business and your property is one of the smartest business decisions you will make which means that choosing the best type of security for you can be tough. Now you know some of the advantages of window grilles, speak to a member of the ABC team today to discuss our industrial door services and more!

Posted: 01-08-2017