Bollards are relatively small posts made from a variety of materials, including metal, concrete and plastic. These clever contraptions can be as wide you would like them and come at one foot or three foot tall. They are commonly seen on driveways or on road sides- however bollards have a few interesting pros. Here are 4 interesting advantages of bollards… Safety – Not only do bollards at the end of a driveway prevent people entering a property without permission, they are also good at providing safety. In 2010, it was reported that a man lost control of his car and although the driver was injured, the inclusion of bollards means that the vehicle wasn’t able to crash into the house and further injure anybody else. Order – As stated above, bollards dictate where cars can and cannot go which helps ensure that a particular order is followed. For example, bollards are usually placed on sidewalks so that cars cannot park on the path. Clean – Some bollards can also serve as bins as the companies which provide them hollow out the inside so that they can be utilised as for waste in busy areas and public places. In addition to this, some bollards also have caps which can be used as ash trays. Both of these aspects help keep the floors tidy. Decoration – A buildings aesthetic can be improved with the use of bollards as the range of colours, styles and patterns means that every bollard can look different. In fact, they can be used purely for decoration to brighten up a location or add an inquisitive aspect to an area. Here at ABC Industrial, we specialise in the best shutters Manchester has seen, however we also have an excellent range of bollards available; from telescopic to security, we are the people to call when you’re looking to discuss bollards. Get in contact today to find out more information!  

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