Advantages of Converting From Manual Shutters to Electric Shutters

The best thing about roller shutters is that they come in a huge variety, giving every single business owner the ability to find the perfect design that suits their needs. With this said, the industry is always developing and over the years it is hard to ignore that electric and automatic rollers shutter have been surpassing the manual variety. Here are a few advantages that making the switch can offer…

Easier to Use

Manual shutters are great if you only have to open one however with larger properties or buildings like supermarkets it can be a real chore to open every single one by hand. After all, roller shutters can be pretty heavy. Electric ones on the other hand can be linked together and opened at the same time with the simple click of a button, making the entire system very easy to use and extremely convenient.


Whilst manual roller shutters are strong and sturdy, electric ones tend to have an inbuilt motor and once the shutters have been powered down, this motor is not going to budge. In fact, it is locked into place so that the shutters cannot be pried open by troublesome intruders which only adds to the peace of mind that a well-made shutter offers.


Whilst no shutter is immune to the beck and call of maintenance and repairs, statistics have shown that the electric variety requires much less assistance. Of course, it is important to ensure that you still afford electric shutters the necessary maintenance however if they are looked after properly you will notice that you will need to call for a repair service much less often in comparison to manual shutters. Here at ABC Industrial we think that it is important to ensure that our clients are able to make an informed decision and many people can be put off with old designs that have had technology implemented into them. Luckily, our team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have! To find out more information about our range of manual and electric roller shutters, get in contact today!

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