The ABC Guide to Roller Shutter Purchasing

The ABC Guide to Roller Shutter Purchasing

Here at ABC Industrial we know how difficult it can be to purchase the most suitable roller shutters for your requirements. After all, there are so many aspects that you have to take into consideration and making the wrong decision could be disastrous. To make things easier we have put together a little ABC guide on everything you need to know…


There are many different types of roller shutters which is why it is important to ensure that you get the right type. For example, you can get a single skin roller shutter if your priorities do not lie with insulation or security however if these are major considerations you are best opting for a double skin roller shutter instead. Speak to the professionals to ensure you get the right one.


These days roller shutters are becoming much more advanced! They can now be automatic and electrically operated, be controlled by a smart phone and still be operational in the event of a power failure. Plus, you can even get adjustable timers.


The days of dull and dreary grey roller shutters are a thing of the past and it is now possible to actually get your roller shutter in a range of wonderful colours. In fact, some companies specialise in printing designs on them so that they can still advertise your business when they are closed.

Whilst this guide is supposed to serve as a pool of information to refer to, the ABC team still encourage those with worries to get in contact at any necessary point. After all, the experts are here to assist you! To find out more information about what it takes to correctly purchase roller shutters, speak to ABC Industrial today!

Posted: 09-11-2017