A Short Dictionary of Roller Shutter Terms

It’s undeniable that every major industry has its own specialist language and terminology which is used on a regular basis by the professionals. This type of specialised technical language is known as jargon, and can be difficult to understand from an external perspective. We understand that there is nothing worse than researching about a product or service and not being able to understand the information due to the presence of undefined specialised terms. The rolling shutters industry is no different! Many different individual components of roller shutters have their own specific name that many people won’t know. That is why, here at ABC Industrial, we’ve put together our top shutter glossary:

Slats or Louvers

Similar to window blinds, the slats or louvers are movable horizontal pieces of wood, metal, or plastic which form the main part of a shutter panel.

Shutter Stiles

Shutter stiles are upright and vertical sections which the shutter louvers rotate between.

Top Rail

A horizontal bar at the top of the shutter panel. It gives a shutter it form, structure and stability.

Bottom Rail

The same as the top rail however it is located at the bottom of a shutter. It provides the same characteristics listed above.

Tilt Rod

A horizontal piece of wood or metal material which links both shutter louvers together. It allows all louvers which are linked by that particular rod to move simultaneously, closing and opening in unison.

Hanging Hinge

A type of hinge which connects a shutter panel to the window jamb.

Mid Rail

A horizontal bar which allows a bottom and top louver sections to be created.

Mouse Hole

A small indentation which is created at the top and bottom of the rails where the tilt rod will rest. Here at ABC Industrial, we want our customers and clients to be fully clued-up about their projects! With our shutter terminology, you’re certain to understand the industry. If you’d like to talk about our incredible ranges of automatic doors or roller shutters, get in touch with our expert team today! We offer the best roller shutters Manchester has to offer.

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