A Quick Look at Some of ABC’s Amazing Projects

ABC Industrial specialises in fitting automatic doors and roller shutters of all shapes, sizes, and functions! We have installed fire shutters, industrial shutters, sliding gates, swing automatic doors, and a whole host of other entry solutions fitted to a range of clients from industrial warehouses to public services and even private shop fronts! We are lucky to have counted some incredible organisations amongst our clients and have provided our expert services to some huge household brands like FedEx, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), and Lloyds Pharmacy!

Security for a Swiss Watch Centre

One exciting project we undertook was to fully secure a Swiss watch centre! The site was home to countless extremely valuable Swiss watches, along with parts, tools, and specialist machinery, so security was a huge concern. We installed galvanised steel window grilles throughout the site, which are LPS 1175 burglary resistant certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board and have been awarded the Police Preferred Specification! We topped this off with a full installation of secondary glazing to boost heat and sound insulation, and a roller shutter across a major access point to provide impenetrable security!

Vertically Opening Doors for an Art Gallery

This project was truly unique! We were contacted to take on a creative project that required some abstract problem solving. The art gallery needed assistance opening their ceiling hatches, which were fitted on incredibly high ceilings, making them difficult to manually open. We installed a motor to create a vertically opening automatic door, fitted to their ceiling! We fitted a motor rated for over 25,000 actuations, so they can depend on their installation for many years into the future.

Folding Shutter Door Installation for FedEx

We were called down to the huge FedEx depot in Swansea to take a look at replacing one of their gigantic shutter doors. These doors have to be suitable for huge lorries to move through safely, and so they cover a huge area. The old door was in such bad shape, it required a forklift to manually force it open, not a relaxing start to any shift! We installed a titanic 9650 x 5050 folding shutter door that rolls smoothly and is easy operate. Here at ABC Industrial we’ve taken on jobs of all sizes, for clients in a wide range of different industries. We’ve produced unique and creative solutions to match our client’s bespoke needs and it has resulted in some truly wonderous projects. If you have a job for us, get in touch! To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we are currently offering free servicing for new customers! Don’t miss out, contact us today.

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