3 Roller Shutter Myths to Ignore

When it comes to the care of any mechanical installation such as roller shutters, it is very important that property owners source their information from a licenced professional. After all, the internet can be very deceiving and it is not uncommon for many myths to infiltrate the industry and be share as verified information when in actual fact, they couldn’t be further from the truth. Here at ABC Industrial, we are proud to offer our clients a 5-star service carried out by licenced and educated experts. Read on as we go over three myths about roller shutters that should always be ignored...

Myth: Roller Shutters are Unattractive

Whilst they certainly haven’t won any awards for aesthetics, the appeal of the roller shutter has managed to surpass its reputation as a city-centre eyesore and more property owners than ever are choosing to adorn the exterior of their building with a high-quality security shutter. After all, the market now offers customers an abundance of choice in terms of colour, style and material which means that the idea that roller shutters are unattractive is misleading.

Myth: Roller Shutters are Expensive

Although there is an upfront cost associated with an investment in roller shutters, there is no reason why they should have to break the bank or blow the budget. After all, a well-designed shutter is made to be affordable in order to provide every business with the same level of protection. With this said, a lack of maintenance can lead to expensive and unexpected repair work which is why it is important to keep on top of ownership duties.

Myth: Roller Shutters Don’t Improve Security

Many property owners find that roller shutters look flimsy and easy to bypass, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In actual fact, a roller shutter is made from strong and durable materials like aluminium and steel in order to provide durability and security like never before. This means that even the most prepared criminals will have a hard time trying to break through a roller shutter. The internet can convince people that anything is true if its written in a convincing format and that is why the team here at ABC Industrial are on a mission to separate fact from fiction and make it easier for our readers to maintain their roller shutters. After all, the idea that you should never clean a roller shutter because it will cause damage is incorrect as property owners simply have to avoid harsh chemicals. To find out the truth about caring for roller shutters, get in contact with a member of the ABC Industrial team today!

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