3 Reasons Why Roller Shutters are Misunderstood

Here at ABC Industrial, we have noticed that roller shutters have garnered a rather negative reputation. In fact, many people are unaware how much the industry has changed over the past decade. After all, the Chicago council in the USA actually banned roller shutters on a busy high-street in 2017, citing aesthetics for the decision. Read on as we go over three reasons why we think that roller shutters are a misunderstood piece of security…


Due to their dull grey exterior, roller shutters are seen as an eyesore rather than a security benefit. After all, they may be made from some of the strongest and most effective materials on the market, but the use of aluminium appears to be letting them down! Luckily, roller shutters now come in a variety of different colours and styles and can even be spray painted with an effective design in order to help your store catch the attention of the public when the shutters are down.


One of the biggest concerns that customers tend to have regards around individuality. After all, business owners like to stand out from the crowd and subsequently believe that investing in the same roller shutter as everybody else on the high-street will just make them another sheep in the herd. Luckily, the variety of roller shutter designs and styles means that every store owner can choose the perfect shutter for their security and aesthetic needs without worrying about blending into the background.


As a security solution, roller shutters are often associated with industrial properties like factories and warehouses and this can put small shop owners off making an investment. With this said, roller shutters are an incredibly cost-effective approach to security and are perfect for any and every purpose, including supermarket security and even residential security. From security and privacy to city centre high-streets, the team here at ABC Industrial believe that it is time we start thinking about roller shutters differently. After all, shutter art has taken the industry by storm and more and more business owners are starting to invest in it in order to improve the aesthetics of their roller shutters. To find out more information about our shutters, get in contact with a member of the ABC Industrial team today!

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