3 Misconceptions About Emergency Roller Shutter Repairs

Here at ABC Industrial, we want our readers to understand that even the most well-cared for roller shutter is susceptible to a breakdown at some point during its lifespan due to general wear and tear. Luckily, our emergency call-out service is on hand to offer assistance if this decides to happen at the most inconvenient time. Read on as we go over three misconceptions that industrial property owners tend to have about emergency roller shutter repair work...

Myth: There is a window of time to call an emergency engineer

Taking care of a roller shutter is a full-time responsibility as general wear and tear can strike at any moment, causing a system to breakdown at the most inconvenient time. In fact, most problems occur at the end of a busy working day or during the early hours of the morning and many property owners incorrectly believe that they cannot request an engineer during these times. Luckily, our emergency call-out service operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in order to assist clients when they need our help the most.

Myth: Emergency roller shutter repairs are expensive

Although the cost of an emergency repair depends on the severity of the damage, it is actually more effective to attend to a mechanical problem sooner rather than later as this ensures that the damage does not get any worse. As a result, many property owners choose to see an emergency call-out fee as a preventative measure because it can actually reduce the expense of a repair.

Myth: Repairing a roller shutter in an emergency is time consuming

Business owners who discover that their roller shutter has broken down at the start or end of the day may be concerned about losing money by calling out an emergency engineer to solve the problem, especially if the solution requires specific parts to be purchased. Luckily, most roller shutter breakdowns can be solved there and then and it is only a handful of issues that require a further visit from the engineer. This allows business owners to get back to work with the peace of mind that their shutter is secure. When a roller shutter breaks down, it is vital that the broken mechanism is repaired sooner rather than later. After all, minor damage is often easier and more cost-effective to fix. Here at ABC Industrial, we offer a high-quality emergency call-out service that our clients can take advantage of in order to rectify any inconvenient breakdowns. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the ABC team and ask about our roller shutters repair service today!

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