When you think about the security of your business’ premises, you will find your mind wandering over to the likes of roller shutters, locked gates and window grilles. This is only natural as these are perhaps the biggest aspects of making your property more secure, and they are all reliable, efficient ways of ensuring that a potential burglar can’t smash a window or force through a door. With the installation of roller shutters, for example, you are ensuring that you are vastly improving the safety of your business.

However, after installing measures such as shutters or grilles, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your premises are as secure as they could be. The bollard can often be a part of security that is forgotten, due to the fact that they don’t prevent the pressing danger of a smashed window. But installing a set of bollards outside of your property will come with a range of benefits, and we’re here at ABC to go through them with you.

  • First and foremost, bollards will prevent any unwanted vehicles from getting onto your premises. They can be utilised to stop any unauthorised personnel from parking outside of your property, and you can restrict access to those that have a key fob or a password to get through. This means that you have more control over who is accessing your property, and can prevent any potential vandals or burglars from even getting close to your front door.
  • Whilst the security of your business is of paramount importance, so is the safety of your employees. With the installation of bollards and your improved control over who is accessing the premises, you are vastly improving the safety of those in your employ- as only those who are authorised can gain access. This will certainly make your employees feel more comfortable with their own safety and that of their vehicles.
  • Finally, you cannot underestimate the potential danger posed by a car park that is packed to the rafters. If you’re finding that too many cars are trying to squeeze into spaces, then you might just see that this causes other vehicles to get blocked in or damaged. The installation of some bollards will allow you to ensure that your car park does not get overcrowded, and you can prevent the nightmare scenario of emergency services not being able to get in.

Here at ABC, we provide a wide range of products to increase the security of your business. We are the leading provider of bollards, commercial door systems and roller shutters in Manchester, and so please don’t hesitate to contact our team for any further information!

Posted: 10-06-2016