3 Fire Door Related Myths

The importance of a fire door is often incredibly overlooked and many people will blindly decide that they do not need to have one installed without weighing up the pros and cons. In fact even when they are invested in, the myths of the internet tend to lead to a lot of confusion in both the residential and industrial world. After all, there are different types of fire doors on the market depending on the property you are dealing with. Continue reading as we bust three of the biggest fire door myths around… Myth: Fire-proof paint is just as good as a fire door A fire door is made using tested materials that are designed in order to expand during a fire and create a seal around a door frame so that smoke cannot escape. Whilst it may seem like a good idea to use a fire-proof paint on a regular door rather than investing in an actual fire door, the reality is that the regular door will not be any help if a fire was to take place because it does not possess these expanding properties. Myth: Every door should be replaced with a fire door There is some truth to this statement as certain places can benefit from having every single door replaced with a fire door. For example, the ones that are used in homes, schools and hospitals are much less bulky and make them the perfect replacement for all non-fire-retardant doors in a property. On the other hand, the heavy duty external fire doors that are often found with a bar horizontally placed across the middle are unsuitable for installation at every doorway so they are often reserved for the final exit of a building to guide people out. Myth: It is okay to leave fire doors open There is a reason that fire doors in public places have signs that tell you keep them shut at all times however many people will prop them open with heavy items for long periods of times. In fact, they are not provided with a hook system either. Leaving a fire door open means that it cannot do it’s job in the event of a fire and the extra 30 minutes that they provide can really be the difference between life and death, which is why all fire doors should be closed when people are not around. When it comes to fire protection it is always best to speak to an educated professional rather than rely on the information of the internet. After all, even some of the best worded articles can be filled with misleading data. The team here at ABC Industrial aim to promote safety and security which is why we work hard in order to eliminate the fire doors myths that are plaguing the internet. To find out more information, get in contact with the ABC team today!

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