3 Different Ways to Personalise a Roller Shutter

Known for their traditional grey exterior, roller shutters have undergone many design changes over the years which means that they are now recognised as one of the most aesthetical security solutions on the market. After all, they allow business owners to improve the exterior of their shop front without sacrificing its style in the process. Read on as the team here at ABC Industrial go over three different ways that a roller shutter can be personalised to the aesthetical requirements of each property...

Can a roller shutter be painted?

A roller shutter is often recognised by its industrial grey exterior which is said to put off some high-street business owners. In fact, many small-town councils across the UK actually banned the installation of roller shutters due to their reputation as an aesthetical eyesore. Luckily, a shutter can be painted with ease using a high-quality durable paint that is made for outdoor use on aluminium products in order to ensure longevity and weather-protection.

What is roller shutter art?

Although it is very easy to paint a roller shutter, many business owners have taken shutter aesthetics one step further by investing in an up-and-coming design process known as ‘roller shutter art’. After all, a closed shutter is a blank canvas that can be used in order to advertise a business during closing hours without affecting the security guarantee of the shop front. During this process, safe spray-paints are used by an artist to design an aesthetical feature that reflects the services on offer to customers and can be displayed when the shutter is closed.

What materials are roller shutters made from?

A traditional roller shutter is typically made from aluminium due to its lightweight qualities and naturally protective oxide coating that makes it resistant to weather related corrosion. With this said, it is possible to find a company that will make a roller shutter from aesthetical alternative materials like galvanised steel in order to improve the security benefits that an investment can provide. Here at ABC Industrial, we believe that roller shutters have a misunderstood reputation. After all, they are very easy to personalise with a coat of paint or high-quality spray-paint art which allows business owners to utilise the exterior of their property as an advertising platform when the shutter is closed. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the ABC Industrial team today!

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