Often we find that window grilles are compared to prison bars, especially since they were once installed on Harry Potter’s bedroom window in order to prevent him going back to Hogwarts- however the team here at ABC Industrial want to change the way people think about these security measures once and for all. After all, they are able to protect your property in many ways. Here are a couple of window grille related myths we’ve decided to bust..

Myth: A window grille is unattractive and makes your property look messy

It is true that once upon a time window grilles were not the prettiest thing in the world to look at. After all, they were manufactured in black and grey with little creativity as the security provided by the product was the main priority. Thankfully, window grilles in 2017 come in a range of different designs and can even be custom-made in order to fit the type of look you are aiming to achieve, meaning that you can keep up your security without sacrificing the appearance of your home.

Myth: All the materials except for metal are bad quality

Whilst metal does seem like the best choice since it is a versatile yet strong and durable material, there are actually a whole range of different substitutes that are able to provide you with the necessary security too. From aluminium, wrought iron and alloys, there are several materials to choose from that are able to keep your property just as safe as metal would do.

Here at ABC Industrial, not only do we provide the best roller shutters around, we have a wonderful range of window grilles to offer at an affordable price too. Plus, now we’ve busted some of the myths above, you’re equipped with the knowledge necessary to purchase your very own. For more information, speak to a member of the team today!

Posted: 15-08-2017