In the final part of this blog series on fire shutters, here at ABC Shutters we’re going to go over the different types of fire shutter available on the market, and how each one can protect your building. Plus, we will also introduce you to how fire shutters can be considered a potential security addition to a property…

The Different Types of Fire Shutters

There are different types of fire shutters dependent on which situation arises and the necessary specifications a particular building requires. As we detailed in our last blog, all fire shutters should have adequate integrity and must match the fire resistance to the wall in which it has been fixed to.

Tubular Motor Fire Shutter: These are the perfect for shutters with an area of less than 10 square meters. In fact, this kind of fire shutters have a small head plate size with a motor inside its barrel. It is said to be fire resistant for up to two hours.

Block Motor Fire Shutter: Better suited for shutters that require a large opening, this shutter is fitted with a motor externally and is said to be fire resistant for up to four hours.

Fire Shutters for Security

It is also possible for fire shutters to act as security doors, meaning that you can provide both security and fire protection to a building and the people inside it at the same time rather than favouring one over the other.

Here at ABC Shutters, we provide the best shutters Edinburgh has to offer! Our excellent range of fire shutters are perfect to keep your building in tip top shape should a fire ever occur, plus they are also pretty good at securing the safety of individuals inside. Get in contact today to find out more information!

Posted: 21-03-2017